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Bunnings has a large gallery of drain cleaning methods, whether for tree roots or blocked sewer drains. If your reading this, you’ve been in this situation before or dealing with this now. Products out claim they work powerful and fast but most drain cleaning products are falsely advertised for more purchases. If you want a drain cleaning tool which suits you, Bunnings can give you all of them but not the best with tree roots or stubborn blockages. Here’s a few points on different drain cleaning technology.

Drain clean 2l hair Unclogger, this drain cleaner claims to see results in a fast and powerful way. Claims to work fast to dissolve hair which is probably true as all drain cleaners should dissolve hair. Claims suitable for bathrooms to clear hair clogs, soap, scum, and organic waste.

Drain clean 500g One Dose Crystal, another cleaning product claim to see results. It’s shining motto and crystal clean picture is a tempting product to try. Claims to see fast and powerful results in no time. Do keep this product away from children as this is poisonous. Claims no measuring, no mess.

Drain clean liquid 1L Liquid Enzyme Drain cleaner is an optional choice for cleaning hair and scum. This is product has bad reviews and not recommended like the two above. This drain cleaner claims to have a great alternative to hazard chemicals. It contains live bacteria on the cover and is perfectly fine for septic tanks. This bio-enzymatic drain cleaner contains live bacteria and has a great way of defeating fats, grease, oils and soap scum.

We suggest blocked drain specialists to always find the best way to unclog your drain effectively and efficiently as possible. Always check what you buy from Bunnings and check the reviews for safety reasons and customer satisfaction.