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Usually it is not until too late that homeowners notice the damage caused by the infiltration of tree roots on their sewer lines and underground drain pipes.

Why Does Tree Root Infiltration Occur?

The warm water that flows inside underground piping, in particular sewer pipes, causes a vapour to escape into the cooler surrounding sub soil and it is this vapour that tree roots grow towards.

The source of the escaping vapour is generally a small crack or a loose connection point within the pipes. Small roots will find their way into this weakened access point seeking the nutrients and moisture inside the piping.

They continue to grow and expand the opening encouraging the rapid growth of roots. This mass of hair-like roots catch debris discharged from the residence and builds an almost impenetrable barrier to restrict water flow.

Often with severe tree root infiltration the pipes can be completely destroyed and will require replacement.

Early detection of Tree Root Intrusion

The best way to prevent total blockage and damage to your drain pipes and sewer lines is to schedule regular clearing of these pipes with the use of augers, high pressure water jetters and leak detection equipment.

The CCTV cameras used by the Blocked Drain Specialists will help to locate the areas of damage and infiltration quickly to ensure that any weakened joints can be repaired cost effectively without the need to remove extensive areas of piping.

Preventing a Pain in the Drain

Tree roots are the main cause of sewer pipe damage and can cause considerable expense to homeowners if not addressed early.

Obviously prevention is the best treatment for tree root infiltration.

Steps to help prevent tree root infiltration damage include:

  • Avoid planting large trees within close proximity to any underground drainage or sewer systems
  • With plantings in the region ensure that the plants and trees are well watered and fertilised to encourage root growth close to the tree and not into your underground pipes
  • Carry out regular septic system inspections and maintenance to identify any issues early
  • Be alert to any signs of leaking pipes such as continually damp areas or any greener grass regions along the pipe line.

Avoid the pain in the drain and have the friendly Blocked Drain Specialists team clear, repair or replace blocked and damaged tree root infiltrated drains and sewer lines.

Give them a call on 1300 887 334 to discuss your requirements.