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All over Whirlpool and internet thread sites people have been posting online about their blocked drain, and that’s fine, encourage more power to do this in some sense. But one common answer thread that keeps coming up is to suggest using Draino. I am a little baffled on what this means for people because it is different for everyone. First of all, the spelling is wrong, people type it as Draino, it is incorrect, it’s Drano. I don’t know how this came about, but I find this amusing as it’s spelled wrong all over the place, but it might just be an Australian thing. Second of all, it’s an extraordinarily strong product that could do more harm than good to your drains. It is easy to pour draino down as a backup plan and it works like a charm. My point overall is it good?

Well, first of all, there are multiple Drano products, the most popular one on product review is Mr. Muscle Drano Ultra Gel. It’s got mixed reviews with some people satisfied and some wishing they still had the receipt. It’s hard to tell, I look at Drano as a gamble, draino has proved to be an effective solution and has never failed to some of its customers, but at the same time a thread from whirlpool a man said, “Draino doesn’t work, as it can damage pipes or something like that?”. Now, Caustic soda and sodium hydroxide can alone solve blockages, but if you’re really in a pickle, just call a cheap reliable plumber even if you cannot afford one, you can pay as an invoice.

The draino products work in patterns a little bit like life. The product works in patterns when customers follow the instructions. Draino is a product that works on fats and gunk, it’s different if the drain needs to be cleared and cleaned.