How To Clear A Blocked Downpipe – Yourself

If you know the location of your blockage in the downpipe this will make it easier for you to fix. Not all these tips and DIY advice is going to do the trick, but it can help you save time and money if you can’t do much more. What you need: one broomstick, a wire coat hanger and a gardening hose. Also, drive to your local Bunnings and get a new layer of gutter guard to block leaves from entering your drain in the future.

Blockages in downpipes and stormwater are often blocked by leaves, debris, tree roots and rarely a tennis ball your kid once got on the roof. If it is the tennis ball you may need a plumber to give you some advice on that. But on that note longer the blockage is ignored the more damaging it can become.

blocked downpipe

When you have all the items checked off the next paragraph is going to show you how you can unblock your downpipe and how to unblock downpipes in the future.

1. Drill A Hole And Stick A Coat Hanger

In the first paragraph I mentioned if you do know where the blockage is, this will be easier. You could drill a small circular hole in the side or front of the downpipe and place a piece of wire into the pipe. This can easily be said with your wire coat hanger. Gently place the coat hanger into the blocked gunk and twist and turn to unclog the waste. This will allow the blockage to slowly free itself from the situation and begin to separate itself from damage. If the coat hanger didn’t do anything or the blockage is deeper into the ground, try this next tip.

2. Bang The Downpipe And Flush It Out

If the blocked stormwater drain is deeper than you can reach or more stubborn than it looks, take a new approach with hosing it down. You can attempt to disconnect the downpipe if that’s easier but only recommend If you know what you’re doing. Use the broom to knock the downpipe from the side and loosen the blockage. This should help with more stubborn blockages in your drain. Finally, for the ones, underground the best task is to flush out the blockage with a high-pressure water jetter, but your garden hose may do the trick. Insert the nozzle as far as possible and turn on the hose to flush it out.

blocked drain

3. Gutter Guarding

If those two chapters did not successfully clear your drain, time to pass over the reigns and call a plumber. When you do unblock your downpipes and clear the gutters it’s now time guard the gutters. Find your nearest local Bunnings and pick up some watergate leaf guards. The guards can save you from potential damage down the track. Very easy to pick up, don’t recall the price as they are very cheap. They should work with heavy rain as it’s not only easy to install but stops the big stuff from entering your gutters.

If your still unsure and wanting to know how to clear a blocked downpipe in Brisbane? Call Jetset Plumbing today for some help. We do downpipes Gold Coast and Brisbane.