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For years the industry standard for fixing a blocked drain was the drain snake (also known as the electric eel or plumber snake) these devices work by travelling down the pipes and flailing its abrasive cutting tip until it destroys the blocked drain (often damaging pipes in the process). Many plumbers are still using this method today, however there is a much safer more pipe friendly method available in High Pressure Water Jetters.

The new alternative is the high pressure water jetter which uses 5000 PSI water to remove blockages fast. This level of water pressure is enough to cut through even the toughest tree roots and is much safer on the pipes minimising the risk of damage. Our Plumbers often get asked which method is best so today we thought we would put the Drain Snake and the High Pressure Water Jetter to the test to see once and for all which is the best tool.

Cost to fixed a Blocked Drain

In business time is money, due to the uncontrolled flailing and lack of variable diameter of the drain snake it can take a substantial amount of time to remove the entire blockage. Due to the design of the High Pressure Water Jetter, the diameter of the pipe is not an issue and the 5000 PSI of water pumping through makes light work of any blockage quickly making the Water Jetter the cheaper option.


Both tools are designed to do the same job fix a blocked drain, and because of this the most important factor should be the quality of the job that gets done. As the drain snake does not fit the full diameter of the pipe it often leave parts of blockages and tree roots behind, allowing for a quicker build-up of debris to cause a secondary blockage. In addition to this Drain Snakes are hard to control and as the cutting tip of the snake moves around wildly in a pipe looking for the blockage it has the potential to chip damage and crack pipes leading to leaks, collapsed pipes and further blockages.

In comparison the Water Jetter not only doesn’t damage the pipes as it doesn’t have a cutting head, but it cleans any other grease or debris that has built up on the walls of the pipes as part of the process, minimising the risk of a secondary blockage.

When you look at these factors the High pressure Water Jetter is the clear winner, it’s the safer more cost effective, more efficient method of clearing blocked drains.