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Are you dealing with a blocked drain? We want to know how you guys cope with blocked drains and what’s your favourite kind of drain cleaning tool? Is it a coat hanger or the chemicals from your local Bunnings that claim to work? We believe at BDS some do have what it takes to clear out hairs and gunk that might’ve been possible to resolve. But can they get stubborn clogs. From an offering range auger snakes to chemicals here are some pointers on drain cleaning equipment Bunnings have to offer.

Drain Clean 2L Hair Unclogger

This hair drain clearing chemical claims to work fast and dissolve all hair. Which it does, this chemical works great against hair, soap scum and organic waste. Recommend use it in showers and bathrooms only that’s where hair and soap get stuck the most. It is not recommended for outdoor drains as not shown for heavier blockages in sewers. It includes sodium hypochlorite, and sodium hydroxide meaning may cause serious damage to your eyes. The product on product review is mostly positive and has people talking about it all over the internet.

drain clean hair unclogger

Drain Clean 1L Liquid Enzyme Drain Cleaner

This cheap cleaning product can be found in Bunning stores across Australia. They claim to be a great alternative for hazardous chemicals. Some chemicals can be too strong for the PVC pipes and damage them. But how good is this product on grease, fats, and scum from soaps. The lack of harsh chemicals and soft impact has created some disappointment. The lack of impact on this product doesn’t get those stubborn blockages.  It can’t unblock hair and soap for a lot of customers. Some are satisfied with the product because the care on drains. The product has mixed reviews.

drain clean liquid enzymes

These two chemicals completely work differently with blockages. Some customers agree it’s a waste of money and some are very happy with the friendliness to the environment and how cheap it is. For more urgent and stubborn blockages don’t waste time on drain cleaning products. If you need the drain unblocked now, call a plumber now.