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Blocked Shower

Often blockages in the shower result from scum build up from excessive soap and cleaning products though generally it is hair that is the main culprit. The hair gets matted and builds up over time creating a hardened surface on the lining and bends of the drainage pipes. Eventually more and more hair gets trapped until the drainage hole closes not allowing water to drain quickly and freely.

Many will resort to the use of caustic chemicals to attempt to break down the blockages and this can have a detrimental effect. Not only are the drain cleaning products a health hazard due to their highly caustic nature when coupled with inefficient ventilation, but the nature of the chemicals can cause damage to old PVC piping and also corrode metal pipes too. This in turn would cause a much greater problem in the future with water damage and pipe replacement costs.

When you have a clogged shower or a blocked shower drain, you need an experienced bathroom drainage plumber – a drain plumber who has cleared many types of shower drain blockages before. Jetset Plumbing is your local Brisbane and Gold Coast plumbers with over years of experience in the plumbing industry. We have attended to all types of blocked shower drains and shower plumbing jobs, and our experiences has taught them what can block shower drains and how to unclog a shower drain properly. There isn’t a single clogged shower drain that will get our plumbers worried because there all experienced bathroom plumbers. Their drainage experience makes Jetset Plumbing one of the leading blocked drain plumbing companies, and a trusted customer service.

Jetset plumbing are customer focused, making both our services recommended, and your blocked drain jobs in safe hands with our shower drain cleaning specialists. Either if we attend to a blocked shower bath, blocked shower, or clogged shower, Jetset Plumbing are backed by the latest shower drain cleaning equipment, thus enabling our plumbers to confidently unblock shower drain plumbing problems of all types and ultimately always leave the customer with a clear shower. If tree roots, debris or anything else can block shower drains, then we have the latest drain technology to clear them. We have the access for all available to your blocked shower drain. We can determine the appropriate drain equipment needed to clear your shower drain blockage.

Some causes of your drain being clogged shower drain is purely hair in your shower drain. The only way for any plumber to unclog hair in a shower drain may be to feed a high-pressure jetter down the shower drain grate. Another thing after emptying the shower bath, your bathroom floor drain overflows, thus alerting you to a blocked shower drain furthering down the drainage system, we may have to use our high-pressure water jetter down your bathroom drain to successfully unblock any hair or clear blockage further down the drainage system.


What should I do?

It is important not to continue to use the blocked shower as water damage due to overflow can cause much more serious damage. Attempting to remove the blockage yourself can also be a hit and miss situation as you may find that the blockage will return further down the piping making it much harder to repair.

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