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Blocked Sewer

Any sewer blockage can be considered an emergency and should be dealt with promptly to avoid any nasty surprises, overflows or health contamination scares. With a blocked sewer there is the possibility that the flow of water and contaminants has no place to go and may come back up into the household plumbing. It is important that you avoid using any household plumbing until the offending sewer blockage is cleared.

Blockages can occur in sewerage drains and piping and is often easy to detect. The toilet generally has the biggest of the drain lines in the house so if there is a sewer blockage you will notice the toilet is affected first. It would be uncommon for the main sewer line to have a blockage and the toiled is flushing and draining correctly.

If when you flush the toilet and notice water backing up into the shower recess this is a sign that the sewer drain is blocked or clogged. Also flush water that is prevented from going down the sewer will flow back up the pipes and rise out of the lowest point – generally the shower drain. Another sign is if you notice bubbles in the toilet bowl or the toilet water level rising. The chances are that the sewer line is beginning to block and urgent action should be taken to avoid major repairs down the track.

Our friendly team of licensed plumbers service all of South East Queensland including Brisbane and the Gold Coast. All of our vans are fully equipped with High Pressure Water Jetters and CCTV Drain Cameras to provide the latest technology in clearing your blocked sewers properly.


CCTV Sewer Drain Camera

Jetset Plumbing have several drain CCTV cameras as they are known in the plumbing industry, which can be placed down your drain pipe to see what is causing your blocked drains.

The drain camera will clearly identify any damages that may have occurred to the pipe from the blockage or determine why the drain has blocked up and allow your plumber to find and identify the exact location and problem of the blockage to decide on the most effective clearing method. We find that tree roots seem to be the most common cause of blocked drains as they break into the pipes and soon grow to a large mass.

Collapsed pipes, misaligned pipes and foreign objects in the drain are all other problems we identify when we use the CCTV camera. In some cases, drain problems can be ongoing and require further assistance, this is where one of our CCTV drain cameras can help! Our sewer drain cameras can pin point where there may be a misaligned pipe, broken pipe, root mass or other foreign obstacle in the drain.


Unblock a Sewer Drain

Blocked Sewer problems are amongst the most commonly encountered commercial, and industrial plumbing jobs. A damaged, blocked, or clogged sewer drain can stop toilets and other fixtures from working properly and can even result in a back-up of sewerage material which results in flooding. Septic systems are the most important element of modern plumbing systems, as they remove hazardous waste material from our buildings and ensure that the clean water supply is not polluted with waste particles. Every plumbing problem needs to be properly diagnosed before it can be repaired. The first thing our Jetset plumbing professionals will do is seek as much information about your system as they can, as well as any details you might have regarding the problem at hand. For example, if you have a blocked sewer drain, you should tell one of our Jetset plumbers if any objects such as sanitary items have been flushed recently, or whether you have tree roots growing in your yard. One of our Jetset plumbers may use a CCTV drain camera to inspect the system more thoroughly, especially if they suspect any damaged or cracked pipes. This is important, because plumbers use high-pressure water jetters that can become snagged on broken pipes, resulting in further damage or the loss of expensive equipment.


The cause of a blocked sewer drain can be located at numerous points throughout the system. The closer it is the fixture the easier it should be to clear. In the case of a more serious blockage like those caused by flushed plastic or cotton-based products, the blockage may be further up the sewer drain, even right up to the point where the sewer drain from your grounds connects to the municipal sewer system. There you should inform your plumber as best you can, as the location of the blockage will determine what tools they need to get the job done. Once all this has been established, one of our Jetset plumbers will take the equipment to be used during the job. A variety of specialised equipment can be utilised to clear a blocked sewer drain.